About Us

At PENN BIO-CHEMICALS, we market a variety of specialty chemicals including enzymes, antibodies, fatty acids and leukotrienes to the medical community. As well it is a leading global supplier of several fine chemical intermediates and building blocks for various APIs and agrochemicals.

It is expanding rapidly to include a library of hundreds  of compounds in several different series. Our chemistry based drug discovery and development services range from early stage drug discovery and optimization to the identification of viable synthetic routes require manufacturing Kg quantities for preclinical and clinical studies.

We offer advanced intermediates and fine chemicals to pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies for in market as well as drugs which are under different stages of development right from pre-clinical to clinical trials phase I,II & III. Penn Bio-chemicals brings many years of technical experience to the business with a commitment to marketing and growth.

The company believes that it is well  positioned to capitalize on a very large, rapidly growing and lucrative market. The company also provides custom design synthesis and has diagnostic assay capabilities available to private, government and educational organizations.

Our customers benefit not just from lower costs and boosted efficiencies, but also from the infusion of fresh ideas and thinking. Specialty chemical sales, custom synthesis and testing services are expected to expand and grow with the rapid growth rate of Research and Development expenditures (over $25 billion) in the pharmaceutical industry.

Company activities include:

  • Providing Chemical Services to major Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies.
  • Custom synthesis of from milligram & grams scale in laboratory to multi tons.
  • Process improvements for continuous cost reduction to provide long-term.
  • Product development for active Pharmaceuticals, Fine chemicals and Advance large commercial plants through kilo labs and pilot plants facilities.
  • sustainability to various businesses intermediates when your project demands expertise in.
  • acid chlorination • condensation • nitration
  • acetylation • esterification • oxidation
  • alkylation • grignard reaction • reduction
  • halogenation • hydrogenation • asymmetric synthesis
  • enzymatic reactions
  • dialkyl cuprate reactions
  • Suzuki coupling

Penn Bio Chemicals company goals:

  • To supply our customers with the highest possible quality products and service.
  • To work as a team to continue to be innovative in our chemical processes and equipment, to constantly improve our quality and manufacturing efficiency, and minimize waste.
  • To earn customers’ respect and goodwill by doing our utmost to serve them and contribute to their success. Customers frequently call us when they need advice or assistance with their projects. Our success is built upon this relationship with our customers.
  • To preserve the ability of a small but growing company to provide high quality technical and customer service while continuing to develop the expertise, capacity and diversity of a large company. Achieving these goals will result in lower costs, higher quality, and greater capacity.

The orientation of Research and Development is strongly market-driven. The main objective of Research and Technological Development at Penn Bio is its relationship with production, whether this is expressed through the delivery of pilot products and outcomes of research projects, and proposals for commercial exploitation, or the transfer of know-how to the productive units of the Company and its subsidiaries. Activities for R&D include applied research for the development and introduction of services and new commercial activities, from the initial idea and research works up to the delivery of innovative pilots. Penn bio has developed several molecules through its R&D for the pilot and process production, with out R&D we should not have commercialized these products.